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Compost and decorative stone

Every garden needs good quality compost and soil improvement from time to time.  Over our years of growing we think we know a good compost from a bad one and we only sell composts that we have ourselves grown in either on a commercial basis or in a professional trial.

Our current range of compost includes -

We also stock a large range of bagged decorative stone to include -

Delivering you outstanding value

We currently have offers on 

Humax 60L Multipurpose Original £6.50 per bag or 3 bags for £16

Clover 60L Multipurpose £5 per bag or 3 bags for £12

Decorative Stone - 

Deco Aggs (e.g Slates) 3 bags for £12

Eco Aggs (e.g. Teracotta) - 4 bags for £12

Offers only apply to products collected from our Nursery